Winning CoFo takes immense pride in its rich heritage and extensive expertise in cold forming, machining, and aluminum forging tailored for the automotive industry. Winning CoFo was created last year through the merger of the former companies Räuchle, PWK and IBEX. Thanks to the strategic reorganization spearheaded by Winning Group, former competitors have seamlessly transitioned into a collaborative force, dedicated to the development, design, and supply of critical components for steering, brake, chassis, and transmission systems. This merger has solidified Winning CoFo´s position as a paramount leader within the industry.

In the latest interview Roland Heller, Vice President of Winning CoFo, comments: “Finding a car made in Europe that doesn’t have at least one of our components in it is actually impossible.” Discover the comprehensive insights and other compelling interviews in the Winning Group 2022 Annual Report to learn more about the business model, acquisition targets and future development.

Winning Group Annual Report 2022


8. 9. 2023

Winning Group Annual Report 2022: four new acquisitions, two new divisions, doubled sales, and EBITDA

1. 9. 2022

The insolvency administrator of the automotive supplier BOLTA-WERKE, Volker Böhm of Schultze & Braun, has sold the company’s business operations to a strategic investor. The buyer is the Winning Group a.s., through its subsidiary Winning Plastics a.s., a German-Czech industrial group specialising in automotive and construction.

10. 8. 2022

The Construction segment announced a record year, new acquisitions with top products are being added to the Automotive section, and operational excellence has been implemented by a dedicated team across the board.

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